Making Kousagi Cry

Usagi and Amiís Secret First time It Hurt
By Dante Elric or WDG

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PLOT: The title says it all.
LENGTH: 1121 words
RATING: Hentai

COMMENTS: I kind of have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I first saw the title to this one-shot. Clearly, it was bad, and upon reading it, it fulfilled the extremely low expectations I had for it. But what made me wonder what was wrong with the author was the title. I didn't even have to read the story if I so chose; I was basically spoiled from the get go as to how bad it was. It's almost begging to be badfic.

My disappointment in the writer being unable to find a better title aside, I will admit that the story wasn't quite as squicky as I thought it would be. True, Usagi is what is known as futa (i.e. girl with a penis, which we silly heathen non-Japanese-desu-speaking fans would maybe call a hermaphrodite) and she's pretty much having Ami in a very-badly built shower stall (Seriously, it creaks under the pressure of their lovemaking), but the lovemaking is hardly that disturbing. Well, besides the fact they are having sex in a collapsible shower, that is.

Really, it's all about the title. Anything else I say would just detract from the hilarity. Enjoy.

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