the day they fell
by MirrorFlower and DarkWind (aka sakura and yukito)

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PLOT: The other senshi are plotting to replace Usagi with Rei, but Usagi decides to act before they can....
NEW CHARACTERS: Sailor Fortuna
LENGTH: 647 words

COMMENTS: Well, to give this story some credit (but not a lot), at least the whole cliche "Rei replaces Usagi" plot is not accompanied by an obligatory "Usagi subsequently runs off somewhere (almost always America), trains to become stronger, then whips the senshi until they cry uncle" story. Though we do have some senshi conspiring to replace Usagi with Rei, we basically skip the running off and the training part, thus saving a lot of time and Shitennou/Starlights exposition in a random U.S. city for an actual runawayfic.

Not that the story is that much better without it, though, because we skip right to when Usagi decides to go postal and kills all the senshi, and we do have a spot where she goes to Harvard to kill Mamo-chan. Well, almost all - she spares Saturn and her new boyfriend, Sailor Fortuna (boyfriend?) and becomes best friends with Galaxia, who is all giggly like a schoolgirl. Unfortunately, their killing spree is interrupted by Chaos, who decides this story has gone on long enough (score one for the evil black mass!) and kills them all. Add bad grammar and spelling (what's a "seneshi"?), OOCness and utter Sueness on Usagi's part, plus the fact that this was supposed to be even longer than what we have here, and even at this size you've got a real doozy of a work.

But one question still plagues me. What's with Sailor Fortuna? Is he in Uranus' dress? Because if so, that just kind of adds to the dimension of silliness here. Seriously, I'm thinking of those pictures of those really fat guys who crossdress as Sailor Moon with a five o'clock shadow - and damnit, now I won't ever get that image out of my head. Just goes to show how two fanfic authors can co-write just as bad - if not worse - than one.

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