Darians untold temper
by Chibi Usa

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PLOT: On the eve of their 2nd anniversary of being together, Darien reveals to Serena the dark side of his nature she never thought she would see - and pthe price she would pay for bringing it out...
NEW CHARACTERS: Phil the Plate
LENGTH: 1134 words

COMMENTS: In the vein of stories where Darien/Mamoru is an unforgivable jerk to his woman. most likely because the author hates him, we have this, a short, so-bad-its-funny dubbed-based opus which nevertheless was an instant badifc classic. It's not hard to see why upon first read; on top of the terrible formatting, which has been preserved for your pleasure, and the atrocious spelling, we have a story where, for no apparent reason at all, Darien first berates, then beats, Serena to an inch of her life.

Apparently, Serena brought up the subject of his parents which, as we all know, Darien rarely talks about. But I don't recall the topic sending him into an abusive, homicidal fury in any part of the anime or manga. In fact, during the three times I can recall him speaking about them (manga Act 6, anime episode 35 and the R movie) he was quite open about what he remembered, and his feelings about them. And either way, you'd think after two years, Serena would have broached the subject with him. Maybe she was just too busy breaking all of his plates. You know, John the plate, Penny the plate, Alice the plate, and maybe she threw out the occasional fork named Bob...

"How could you do this?" are the last words spoken in this fanfiction, by Andrew, as he leads Serena away from her evil abusive lover (and hopefully straight to a hospital, but given the lapses of logic in this story, with the earlier reference to Ren & Stimpy in Japan, I doubt it). One may find themselves asking the same question about the author, wherever they may be, for deciding to write a poor story like this - and in the middle of a class she flunked a test on to write this, as he/she readily confesses. Maybe he/she should have instead spent more time studying, so that she could have passed her test, and we could have been spared the existence of this abusefic.

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