Concubine Dollhouse
by Christobelle Vierta

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PLOT: In the ancient world, the moon kingdom was a brothel ruled by royal prostitutes, its inhabitants raised to give pleasure to visitors across the galaxy. One of these visitors is the engaged Prince Endymion, who can't help but think that he's been to the palace known as Concubine Dollhouse before...
LENGTH: 11757 words

COMMENTS: ...Honestly, upon reading this story, I am unsure of what is worse: the idea of Queen Serenity renting something amounting to The Best Little Whorehouse Outside of Texas (or something out of Marco Polo's description of Alamut....blech) or someone actually writing it. I am pretty sure that the author of this story is familiar with the not-so-great movie version of Arthur Golden's seminal book, Memoirs of a Geisha; hence, why they probably wrote this story about a geisha-like race who lives for pleasure. But one of them has truly fallen in love with a high-ranking man from society who is beyond her grasp. Sound a bit familiar?

That, and - aside from OOCness, and the total ripping of canon off of its hinges - the whole idea of the Moon Princess being a "doxy" is ludicrous. This is the same princess who was guarded zealously by her friends, who was forbidden to go to Earth, and who, like most princesses, was trained to carry herself gracefully so she could rule the moon. I highly doubt that sexual infidelity was one of the things Queen Serenity taught her, or would have taught her, in any way, shape or form. Sexual fidelity was the reason the Silver Millennium was destroyed, remember?

So...yeah. Not much else to really say about this. Despite the fact that the author's spelling and grammar isn't, say, like Oscar's, it doesn't excuse the story, which has no place in canon. Memoirs of a Geisha this story is not.

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