Dark Kingdom Discipline
by The Hentai Man

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PLOT: Jadeite declares his love for Queen Beryl, and is forced to take the consequences for it. What will Queen Beryl do to him?
LENGTH:2,277 words

COMMENTS: Uh oh, Jadeite's been a bad boy again. And now he's going to be punished like the bitch he is! Horrors!

...All kidding aside, though, I should have been warned by the author's name this was going to be bad. And it delivered - this one really did make my food come up to my throat when I first read it, so subsequent readings have not been around times where I'm liable to have food. At the same time, it's a hard-to-swallow premise and yet something that, in the back of our minds, we always say to ourselves, ".....hey, you never know". Yet it's just so disgusting and revolting to see these two characters doing that despite it all - especially when we learn that it was Jadeite's fantasy. (Uh, what?) This is one of the few stories to really avoid at all costs unless you're a real glutton for punishment.

Don't get me wrong, it's not hard to see Queen Beryl as the dominant partner in any relationship, sexual or otherwise - this is a woman that can beat people into quivering pulps just by giving them a look, so being the "master", in a sense, would come naturally to her. It's just very hard to see her as a full-blown dominatrix who - as is implied in the story - routinely makes her men engage in scat-licking while wearing crotchless leotards. On top of that, she never seemed to like Jadeite (or any of the Shitennou for that matter) enough to think of him as anything less than a drone, unless he was failing her - and then, she killed him because he was incompetent. Not exactly what I'd call effective foreplay. Hence, the idea that Beryl would let Jadeite fondle her breasts, let alone look at them, without instantly turning him into youma chow just seems highly implausible.

Aside from all that out-of-character speculation (because since when did a character being OOC ever bother a badfic author?), the whole premise is just creepy. And gross, of course, with all the body excrements being tossed around. Again, it is recommended people avoid this story at all costs, especially if you thinkthe image of Jadeite licking his semen off of Beryl's heels - or, you know, Beryl giving stiletto heel enemas - is a bit unclean. For those who decide against their better nature to actually look at this dreck - keep a puke bucket in tow. You'll thank me later.

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