by Oscar

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PLOT: Diana begins to have strange feelings about herself. What can Artemis do to explain what is going on with her body?
LENGTH: 785 words
RATING: Hentai

COMMENTS: ....Yeah. Welcome to Oscar's world, everyone. Drugs may or may not have been involved, but we are positive that absolutely no research was. Why else would Oscar write this kittycest fic? Oh, wait, this is Oscar. Never mind.

It says a lot when I actually prefer Artemis' Lover over something, but in this case, it's sadly true (though don't get me wrong, AL is one of the great banes of Sailor Moon fanfiction, and probably always will be). Aside from the icky, icky, icky incest, it becomes very apparent that Oscar never bothered to research how cat anatomy works. How do we know this? Aside from the fact that he gets the mechanics of cat sex totally wrong (lolz liek they don't do oral!), we have a scene where Diana masturbates with....her fingers. That's right. Diana in her cat form has fingers.

This is by far Oscar's worst story, aside from Artemis' Lover, and it would be a shame if it was forgotten by those who fear badfic. After all, what better way to symbolize the bond between a father and daughter than through incest?...Maybe shooting oneself through the head after reading such tripe. Yeah. That works.

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