The Device of Sailor Moon
By Eva Catz

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PLOT: It started out, normally enough. Haruka and Seiya are having a stand-off over Michiru, jealousy and confusion overtaking the awkward situation. Then Usagi walked into the room....
LENGTH: 44252 words

COMMENTS: Well, this one certainly took me by surprise. It began with a misunderstanding and ended with a ballistic rampage. In between we have dish soap, elephants and a hot pink mini-skirt. Somehow, this constitutes a story about Makoto. Confused yet? You should read this story.

Fortunately, we are blessed with a mercifully quick troll fic in The Device, which has nothing to do with any actual device (unless the author meant 'plot device', of which the ones used are wildly disjointed, unconnected and OOC) and in which Sailor Moon becomes irrelevant halfway through. In fact, most of the sailor senshi disappear pretty quickly after they appear (mostly through pointless death, mind you), as does a lot of the furniture.

So be afraid. Be very afraid. And stay away from the elephants.

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