Making Kousagi Cry

The dangers of watching Sailor Moon
By Rockinmanj

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PLOT: The author has decided to teach us the evils of Sailor Moon. The question is, will we listen to him before it's too late?
LENGTH: 454 words

COMMENTS: Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a troll that is comparable to the legendary How Can I Go On?. It speaks on most of the same points, expounds the same ideas, and generally frowns down upon the Sailor Moon anime while giving examples that are either half-true or completely made up. And it's even more concise, allowing us to read it within the confines of two minutes or so!

Of course, as far as trolls go (and seriously, how can this not be a troll?) it's not totally outlandish (like, say, Lunar Landing) and there could be worse. On the other hand, it's so angry-sounding it's hilarious, especially when you take into consideration that half the things spoken about either never happened in the anime or never happened in any canon, period. And then there's the whole "the devil made this and uses it to trick us" spiel, which sends it from being just a funny-sounding rant to being an ethereally funny-sounding rant, one that was intentionally made to piss off the masses. And oh did it, judging by a few of the reviews left on this 'story' - yes, these were taken from actual posted reviews:

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! This is not even a fanfic, don't write your STUPID opinions on this site!"
" you completely took all the fun out of one of my most beloved shows."
"Oh my god, you messed up christians and your dimwitted religion. "
"you know what it is a cartoon stupid you are the one who invented the name baka you are a total idiot and i am going to report this it is an essay on what you think and haruka (amara) has her drivers license in japan it may be a different age limit for driving so shut up and stop being a jerk you do not know what you are talking about so stop thinking you do and also if you do not like sailor moon then don't watch it."

And thus is the masterstroke of this trollfic. Do enjoy it if you wish - and remember, fellow fans, Satan is watching you. Tread lightly. ;)

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