Making Kousagi Cry

Sailor Moon Ancient Scouts (AS) Saga
By Sun54

Titanic Heart
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Attack on Crystal Harbor
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PLOT: Once upon a time, Jack Dawson fell in love with a beautiful lady without equal on the ship HMS Titanic. That girl? Usagi Tsukino, who has come back to save Sailor Sun from an evil time traveler. And once she gets back to the future, boy does the plot thicken!
NEW CHARACTERS: Cassia Lo, Sailor Cosmic, Sailor Diamond, Sailor Ruby, Sailor Emerald, Sailor Pearl, Sailor Bracelet, Sati, Sailor Sun, Sailor Earth, Sailor Firestar, Shiria Katzio, the American Scouts
LENGTH: Titanic Heart: 10,094 words; Crystal Harbor: 3,432 words

COMMENTS: Once upon a time, there was an anime convention called Otakon. There, two people met. One was a person who oversaw a badfic website - the other was someone who we shall call "M". While waiting on line for a fanfiction panel, the badfic website mentioned she ran a badfic website, to which "M" replied, "Well, then I have a fanfic for you!"

It turns out I had the fanfic on my hard drive the entire time. Not that I'm comforted by remembering I had it. In fact, I might have been hoping to forget this, an 'epic' (and thankfully unfinished) and wildly OOC crossover that marginalizes and eschews very badly not one, but three massive, primarily man-made disasters that befell humanity. One is the sinking of the Titanic (where the crossover comes in, as well as a Jack Dawson/Usagi romance that - egads - ends with Usagi carrying the dead man's kid) where we find that the author's geography of Great Britain leaves much to be desired. The next is an attack on Pearl Harbor (this one in modern times), renamed "Crystal Harbor" and put in Japan for some unknown reason. The third - and probably the most migraine-inducing - is 9/11, where Usagi's friend gets hit by a plane. Yes. A fanfic with 9/11 a mere six months after the fact (amazingly there are others written earlier than that!) and the people who did it in this story are...some fake generic Japanese organization. Add to this some bad grammar, bad spellings (ladies and gentlemen, 'Queen Bearele'!), some SIs/Sailor Sun and Sailor Earth, and one of the worst examples of pregnancy and birth I've seen in fanfic (forget simply not knowing you're pregnant for nine months - Usagi doesn't even bother going to the hospital afterwards to make sure her baby isn't, you know, kidnapped or dying), and you've got the potential for a pretty bad migraine if you think too hard on the implausibilities!

So I say, "M", let me thank you for allowing me to recollect the fact I had this on my hard drive. By shaking my fist at you. Damn you, "M", damn you. D:

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