Christian Crisis
by Tsykes2005

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PLOT: Serena must come to terms with her virginity - or rather her lack of it - when her Christian academy sets up a festival for all of the female virgins to attend. Will she be true to herself, and will she be able to face her friends and family when the truth comes out?
LENGTH: 2837 words

COMMENTS: With a name like Christian Crisis, when I first came on it I was automatically reminded of a movie called The Blood of Jesus. It's a very low-budget pro-Christian film from the 1940's about a woman being tempted by a slick zoot-suit-wearing demon, and Satan wears a costume that might remind someone of Donald Duck in a devil's suit. Needless to say, it was a very "God is good, jazz is evil!" type of film, and I definitely thought I was going to see shades of How Can I Go On? here.

Never judge a book by it's cover. I instead found myself reading a story with an anti-Christian academy plot that made about as much sense as the Christianity in Sailor Moon presented by the aforementioned story. In fact, the aforementioned story made much more sense with it's usage of cult Christianity. The whole emphasis that nearly every character in this story put on being a virgin to the point of potentially ostracizing their own friends and family for disagreeing with them was really, really creepy. The sailor scout are not Stepford Wives, for crying out loud! And almost all of them, even Ami, have talked about sexuality quite frankly in canon. Having them be gung-ho about a virgin festival (did I mention that the idea of celebrating all the female virgins in the school is also kind of creepy?) is extremely OOC - even for the dubbed versions.

Of course, this story suffers from all of the same old problems - the misspellings, the grammar, and the clear lack of research on things such as the name of Rei's school (really, is it that hard to remember that it's still called T*A in the dub? Really?). But the whole "Virginity Festival" really is quite.....special. It's too bad it was never written, since I'm sure it would have been a hoot and a holler. Oh well. It's clear this person has a beef with Christian academies, though for the life of me I can't imagine a Catholic school going out of their way to say "ALL OF OUR GIRLS ARE VIRGINS, YAY!" Clearly I haven't been to enough of them. I'd fit right into the creepiness!

....Finally, for those wondering, yes, I'm still a virgin. Yes, it's a personal choice. No, I'm not saving myself for marriage, I just don't care to do it. And hell no, I'm not going to throw a party celebrating it. I'm not that weird.

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