The Child is Gone
author unknown

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PLOT: The light of Usagi's life is gone. There is nothing left for her.....nothing but death. Can anyone convince her otherwise, even after the child has died?
LENGTH: 1128 words

COMMENTS: Will the author of this story please stand up? Because this is remarkably similar to another story on the site. It's like all the anonymous authors want to kill Usagi. No wonder they're anonymous.

...Actually, no, they're not exactly alike. Actually, this one's about a pregnancy gone awry, where somehow, Usagi's pregnant stomach rips open in a highly implausible way during a car accident, causing her to lose her baby and zillions of pints of blood (and yet somehow she lives), and then later after being released from the hospital the same day (wtf?) she dies, both from her grief over losing the child and somehow from not eating....all while rubbing on a hole in the wall in her bedroom. Whoopee. Really enthralling, there.

The story in general isn't just bad, it's also really weird, particularly the part where Mamoru tries to save his beloved by undressing her and putting her into bed alongside him, obstensibly for a healing dose of lurrve (why else would he have her naked? Or maybe I've just read too many fanfictions with that plot point in there...?). But instead of responding like most people probably would, even if they were in a somewhat catatonic state (by, you know, kicking him in the shins or just going, "Um, what?") Usagi just rubs an imaginary hole with her finger. It's bar none the most unintentionally dirty (and funny) moments in this story, and probably the only thing readable in this pile of hole-rubbing dreck.

Heheh.....hole-rubbing. You dirty anonymous author you.

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