Sailor Moon and the Supreme Chicken
by Flame

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PLOT: Sailor Moon is pitted against the feared Bawk, the Supreme Chicken. Who will prevail in this battle of the titans...?
NEW CHARACTERS: Bawk, the Supreme Chicken
LENGTH: 290 words

COMMENTS: What can I say about this story? Undoubtedly the shortest story on this website (until something comes along that's shorter, of course...), it's also, though clearly a trollfic in a sense, a goofy one as well. It rips off of The Wizard of Oz, of course. And Sailor Moon is pretty OOC as well, alongside her attack. And the enemy, of course, you can't at all take seriously. And there's no real plot here, other than just "Sailor Moon fights a chicken".

But trollfics can always use a random evil chicken. Evil chickens tend to make everything better, or at least goofier, not unlike evil gorillas, evil rabbits and evil but undeniably cute kittens. And it certainly works here. I'm sure if more trollfics utilized the vast untapped potential of evil chickens - heck, every fanfic writer on Fanfiction.Net, for example, just wrote evil chickens into their stories instead of writing about yet another first season romance - the Sailor Moon fandom would instantly be a better place in general. Not the best fandom it could be, mind you. It obviously takes more to revitalize a fandom than evil chickens, and not everyone would write their stories like this - knowing some authors, they'd probably write the chickens having a first season romance with Artemis or Unimo or Usagi's Fat Friend or something. But honestly, it would be a start, a baby step in the right direction.

In the meantime, this is all we've got. Enjoy it, and mock the Supreme Chicken all you want. It won't mind - it's dead!

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