ChibiUsa Loses Her Virginity
by Hent-Eye

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PLOT: One afternoon, ChibiUsa goes to visit Mamoru, and gets a lesson in love she'll never forget...
LENGTH: 668 words
RATING: N/A/Hentai

COMMENTS: Once again, we have a pedophilia story a la ChibiUsa'a 7th Birthday; once more, we have me here wishing to gouge my eyes out. Though, I guess in comparison to the abovementioned.....this one isn't too bad. I guess. Maybe. I mean, yeah, it has pedophilia, but at least it's just Mamoru this time.

......Wait a minute, WHAT AM I SAYING?! MAMORU!? That's still....ew....ew...EW!! AUUUUUUUGH NO! NOOOOO!!! MY BRAIN CAN'T DO ANY MORE OF IT!! BAD BAD INCEST!!! WAAAAUGH!!!!

*runs out of the room screaming*

....*returns briefly and stares at screen*


*runs out*

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