Sailor Moon: Judge Brainitite
by Dr. Thinker

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PLOT: The Sailor Scouts are trapped by the soldiers of the mysterious Judge Brainitite, who is putting them on trial. Their crime: Destroying the Negaverse! What will the verdict be?
NEW CHARACTERS: Judge Brainitite, Lungitite, Liveritite, Bloodite, Lord Malita
LENGTH: 1881 words

COMMENTS: Another story by Dr. Thinker. Ths time, however, it's all about revenge against the sailors. Or is it? It's not totally certain. However, the names of the bad guys are....pretty....interesting, I guess.

There isn't much to talk about in terms of the mechanics of the story - oddly enough, despite the fact that much of the story is still somewhat incoherent (I am wondering if Dr. Thinker is not a native English writer?), I thought this was a slight improvement over Dimensol Troubles, in terms of the fact that it has a more flowing format and it's not in script form. On the other hand, the plot is still quite thin, and of course, the names of the bad guys are exceedingly wierd. (Enemies named after internal body parts? Call me squeamish, but....ewwww...I keep thinking of floating body parts.)

There are also some other plot points that are never addressed, some of which make absolutely no sense. How does turning a sailor's clothing inside out turn them black and render them girls completely powerless (and how do they undress while transformed for that matter)? Who is Lord Malita and why is he mentioned even thugh we never see or hear of him ever again? How can Brainitite's hencmen have powers stronger than Beryl and Prizma combined, and how can they revive old enemies, when the source of their power (The Negaforce) is dead? How long is two "Nega days", and is anyone (like Luna and Artemis) wondering there the five of them went after randomly disappearing? Why, if Brainitite was so bent on pronouncing the girls guilty, did he just suddenly let them go afterwards? That seems oddly chivalrous for a guy who announced his intentions to use them to revive someone and told them there was no hope of winning the trial. And is it Usagi or Serena? Why are both of those names used in this story?

Well, whatever the case with the countless plot points, I sstill said "Amen!" when I finished the story. Oddly enough, so did Serena. Guess she was happy it ended as well. Floating brains must freak her out, too.

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