Sailor Moon: American Kitsune
by David Gonterman and Edward Becerra

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PLOT: David Kintobor and Ed Beccera, two Multiverse jacks-of-all-trades, must team up with Sailor Moon and her friends against the combined might of Queen Beryl, Rita Repulsa, Zedd, Zitkor and Grimlord.
NEW CHARACTERS:David Gonterman aka David Kintobor aka Davey Crockett aka Foxfire aka American Kitsune; Ed Becerra aka Kikaha; Old Man Coyote; Ms. Portwood
LENGTH: 35911 words

COMMENTS: When I first began to compile the stories for this archive, one author that came up a little later than others was that of David Gonterman. In my searches on the Internet, I had found a comic by him in MSTed form, some time ago, and it wasn't very well drawn. It also had David as a potential raging Stu, the owner of some kind of moon armor which, apparently, he was to wear in later episodes.

Never, however, did I know the extent to which David Gonterman's Internet person was a Stu until reading this story. This crossover - which inexplicably has the enemies of Saban's various enemies resurrecting Beryl to fight Sailor Moon and eventually David - is actually the sequel of a self-insert series, which starts out in another fanfic, Sonic the Hedgehog: Blood and Metal, where he is shot by a black teacher and slips into a coma, and he goes to Mobius and.....well, needless to say, it starts the trend of his do-no-wrong Stu (related to Dr. Robotnik, but becomes the best Freedom Fighter ever to live, greater than Sonic, etc.) and his best friend, which comes into full fruition in this story.

For, on top of becoming Sailor Moon's love interest in this story, he is a Power Ranger (including a morpher with Internet access and the CjNet theme!), an implied former WWE wrestler, a kistune, a shapeshifter, a furry, an expert gunman and cyberspace hacker, a cyborg, a fanfic review basher, owns a Battletech mech, is a teleporter and a Sailor Scout; his grandfather is Coyote, the immortal, Native American trickster of old. he knows characters from various anime and somehow he is even refered to as "Uncle" by Serena (??) before finding out she's his sister (because of course she CAN'T be Japanese...). His Kingon-speaking best friend, Ed, who gets 2 thousand different Multiverse versions of himself implanted into him, is almost as powerful, with a boundless closet full of rare stuff (including Spiderman #1, signed by Stan Lee!), a morotcyle and a giant invisible spaceship. Basically, they're everything except the reincarnation of a Lovercraftian Elder God, a residence in Sunnydale and an invitation to Hogwarts - and its only because this was mostly written before either Buffy or Harry Potter were really big enough to have fandoms. Indeed, it's as if every other sentence we are either treated to a new power of the character's - or a glimpse of their intolerance for non-white Americans, as seen by Gonterman's "they call you a ditz?" references.

That, and that fact that "Uncle Davey" is able to get away with ridiculous homophobic and racist remarks (at least in his stories) makes it unbearably hard to read. It is, then, no wonder that this was the story that drove him out of the fandom. There are very few Stus that can compare to this construct given to us - even Oscar, certainly no balanced character, shines in comparison - and few stories which so reveal the own author's ignorance with little remorse. If you can somehow manage to stomach this story, chances are, you'll be able to stomach nearly everything else archived here.

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