The Adventures of Usagi Tsukino
by Sergeant Klump

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PLOT: Join Usagi Tsukino and Ami Mizuno, aka Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, as they save Japan from the evil Queen Beryl and her henchmen. A parody of the DiC/BTK show, "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".
LENGTH: 29554 words

COMMENTS: Well, let me first say that it's not often you find any fanfiction pertaining to the series "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" to begin with. It is considered by many fans to be the worst Sonic show, due to animation, plot re-hashing from other TV shows and minimal attempts at quality control; thus, there are generally fewer fans of AoStH (as it is affectionately called) than for all of the other Sonic show, with the exception of, perhaps, "Sonic Underground".

Myself, I've gone through a decade-and-a-half full circle process from love, to hate, and back again. In my opinion, there was a lot of wasted potential, but there is something that gives it replay value: the voice acting, headed by the unlikely pair of Jaleel White (before his voice fully broke) and the late "Long" John Baldry, making it second only to SatAM in terms of anything Sonic that has acting in it. This is followed by the show's very subtle humor which can fly under the radar of the targeted audience - the 12 and under crew - very quickly.

But this is not a review of the show. This is about the story of what claims to be a parody of the show, starring Sailor Moon characters - but which not only fails, but fails utterly. Show insertions - the this character = this character so let's put them in that place type - almost never work, especially in fandom, and this is no exception. Blatent plagarism from the original show's dialogue and scenes, canon insertion (I never knew Ami was that big of a wimp), English and Japanese name mixing, spelling and grammar errors, and attempts to make humor which fall flat is probably the tip of the iceberg of what is wrong with this story. Quite frankly, this story actually angered me when I first read it - to me, it not only was an insult to Sailor Moon fans like myself, but to AoStH fans as well, since the ensuing train wreck mangled both canons.

This story could have been redeemable if one of the following two things had happened: 1) the author was a writer better capable of doing a parody such as this one, and 2) the author actually researched Sailor Moon before he posted this story on the Internet. That's right - the author barely knew anything, beyond names and places, of Sailor Moon canon. That really doesn't help the humor out much if the author doesn't even know what he's writing about. Especially if he expects informed Sailor Moon fans to come in and read his story - the AoStH fandom on FF.Net has something like ten writers/readers in it, so while it would be understandable to expand his horizons and get better readers, this is the last way you want to do it.

Of course, of the two abovementioned items, the former sin can be forgiven, since not every writer can do parodies. No writer is perfect; a writer can always improve over time. His other stories are relatively decent - not the best stories, as he obviously has some spelling and grammar problems throughout, but nowhere near the worst stories that could be posted. But the second sin is a big no-no. Seeing that he had committed that second sin - he did not do his research, and he isn't even really a fan of the show; he just kind of felt like doing it because he thought people would read his stories because it had Sailor Moon in it (which isn't how it always works) - it would have been better if he had not written the story to begin with.

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