ChibiUsa's 7th Birthday, Parts 1 & 2
by Robert Tsunai

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PLOT: For Chibi-Usa's seventh birthday, she won't be getting presents. She's going to have a different experience entirely, thanks to her oversexed sailor senshi friends and parents....and she decides to return the favor!
LENGTH: 2262 words
RATING: N/A/Hentai

COMMENTS: You know, no matter how impartial you can try to be, there will always be some fanfiction so disgusting and sick that you will want to gouge your eyes out. This is one of those fanfictions, which details the sexual escapades of Chibi-Usa after she loses her virginity. First, we are treated to every sailor senshi ravishing the poor girl in some way, until finally, she becomes a sex zombie and cannot live without screwing every single character (and maybe eating their brains while they're not looking?) one last time. And then we are treated to her screwing her dad while her mom's away. Joy!

I admit, I despise pedophilia with a passion. I'm sure ninety nine percent of the people who read this would agree. I don't think it has a place in the fandom. Besides the obvious moral reasons (and the fact it's like, OOC times a million), the people should be reminded that Chibi-Usa has the romantic attention of three guys in all of the cumulative canons. Those guy would be Helios, SuperS movie's Peruru, and Another Story's Anshar, (four if you really want to count Wiseman), and its hard enough for her to handle those relationships, since two of those people are initially enemies and one is a horse, and if you count Wiseman, a skeleton (necrophilia FTW?). I don't think she needs her family and friends forcing themselves on her too. Could we please give the girl breathing room?

Fortunately, for those who want to know exactly what is done to the poor pink-haired senshi without, you know, having to read it (the cost of replacing your eyeballs has gone up, trust me), the author has very kindly provided us with a summarized list of the horrors to be visited upon us for the first chapter - just in case we don't want to read it. How thoughtful of him! If only other authors would do that for us!

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