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New York 2001

The Price of Power

July 28 and August 18, 2001

A live action Vampire game based in Corvallis, Oregon.

Last update was to the Who's Who of New York City.

The Tabletop Home Page.

Recap of the July 2001 game

Recap of the August 2001 game

Combined Results

Grendel's Manifesto

The combined results are those which will carry over to impact future games for continuity purposes. I took a little bit of literary license, but the vast majority of the information comes from a combination of the two games. Feel free to ask specific questions, and I will e-mail or answer as I see fit.

Letter of Invitation

2000's website.

Famous quotes.

Who's Who of New York City

For those who wonder how Grendel first became Prince: Grendel's Original Mission Statement.

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