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"He who wishes to see a demon should take the after-birth of a black she-cat, the offspring of a black she-cat, the first-born of a first-born, roast it in the fire, pulverize it, then fill his eyes with it, and he will see a demon. He must pour the powder into an iron tube and seal it with an iron signet, lest he come to harm."

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Abrasax/Abraxas-A demon with the head of a cock, a huge body, and a knotted tail
Agathedemon-Greek term designating a beneficient demon that accompanies a person through out life. Socrates had such a demon
Aglaophotis-Herb growing in the deserts of Arabia. Used to invoke demons
Aharru-Evil vampires in Assyrian Demonology
Alal-In Assyrian Demonology, evil spirits or demons of destruction
Alraune-Teutonic Mythology, a female demon
Alu-Mesopotamian demon with canine features, pictures from artists show no ears legs or mouth. He preffered silence and darkness
Aluqa-A female demon who is both a succubus and vampire at once. She depletes men and causes them to commit suicide
Aman-One of the Seven demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges. He was the first she managed to expel
Ananaithidus-A stone used for invoking demons
Andras-Owl headed demon with the body of a winged angel. He rides a black wolf and brandishes a sword. He commands 30 legions
Anolist-Ancient diviner who conjured demons at an altar
Ardat-Lili-Semetic Legend, a female demon who copulates with men
Ashakku-In mesopotamian religions, he is the demon of the head. Enters the body through sin and causes headaches
Assyrian Demonology-The ancient assyrians recognized a host of evil demons. The monuments of Chaldean prove the existance of an extremly complex demonology, including the mas, lamma, and utuq, the alapi, alal, and nirgalli, and the disease-engerndering demon of the southwest wind. The mas, lamma, and utuq are divided in to two classes, good and evil. The alal apear to be demons of destruction. The labaratu, labassu, and ahharu are ghosts, phantoms, and vampires. The niigalli are lion headed and eagle claw-footed demons. The Sarim of the Israelites recall assyrian carvings which depict evil spirits in the shape of goats.
Asuras-Vedict Mythology, these were demons led by the serpent Vritra
Aulak-To the Arabs these were vampiric demons
Ayphos-One of Three demons obedient to the will of Nebiros
Acham-The demon of Thursday.
Alrinach-Demon of shipwrecks.
Alocer-Demon in astrology.
Anamalech-The demon of bad news.
Andras-The demon of discord.
Aquiel-The demon of Sunday.
Arachula-Evil spirit in the air.
Ardad-Demon that leads travelers astray.
Ascaroth-Demon of spies and informers.
Astaroth-One of the Chief Devils, sometimes spelled as Ashtaroth. Astarte is its female.

Bagahi Laca Bachabe-Ancient formula for invoking demons
Balaam-One of the Seven demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges. Rides a Bear, carrying a hawk on his wrist, and he predicts the future. He has three heads, that of a Bull, Man, and Ram. He is often shown naked
Barbatos-One of the Three demons in the service of Satanachia
Baron-A demon who signed a pact with Gilles de Raise (1404-1440) To him, Raise sacraficed the hands and hearts of small children. In return he obtained the secret of the Philosophers Stone
Batsaum-Pasha-Turkish demon invoked to produce good weather or rain
Bathym-One of Three demons in service to Fleuretty
Bechard-One of the demons who may be invoked by a Satanist. One must summon him on Friday, by writting 'Come Bechard' in a circle three or four times. He requires a nut as a pledge.
Behemoth-One of the Seven that possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges. Filled her mind with blasphomies and changes her voice
Belial-Most vicious of all demons. Drives a fiery chariot. His purpose is to bring wickedness and guilt
Bells-The sound is said to keep demons away
Belphegor-In obscene worship a demon with a gaping mouth and phallic shapped tongue
Bostarbeto-A demonic or angelic power
Beyrevra-Indian demon, master of souls that roam through space. He has crooked nails, he used one to cut off Brahmas head
Bonifarce-One of the demons who possessed Ellisabeth Allier, a Seventeenth Century Nun
Botis-One of Three infernal demons who serves Aguiarept
Buer-One of Three infernal demons who serves Aguiarept
Baal-One of the Great Demons. Also given as Baalim.
Bechard-The demon of tempests.
Bechet-The Demon of Friday.
Braathwaate-Demon of Ignorance.
Bucon-the Demon of Hatred.

Caacrinolaas-A powerful demon
Chamos-A demon
Choronzon-Conjured by Aleister Crowley, in the Algerian Desert. Mighty demon, came shouting 'Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas'
Cihuateteo-From the Aztec religion, Female demons that were once human but died while giving birth
Courils-Little demons that make humans dance to death from exhaustion
Cheitan-Demon born of Smoke.

Dagon-A demon accourding to Medievil Demonology
Demonaltry-Worship of spirits, ghosts, or demonic powers
Duses-Demons accused of copulating frequently with women by the Gauls
Dusji-Demons abiding in caves and woods. Mentioned in writtings of St. Augustine

Eheieh-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to summon demons
Ekimmu-In Assyrian Demonology, A vampiric demon. In ancient mesopotamia a spirit who tortured the living when they failed to remember him with offerings
El-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to summon demons
El Adonai Tzabaoth-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to summon demons
Phillip Ludwig Elich-Sixteenth Century german Demonographer. Wrote Daemonomagia (1607)
Eloah va Daath-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to summon demons
Elohim Gibor-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to summon demons
Elohim Tzabaoth-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to summon demons
Empusa-A foul female demon associated with Hecate. She had the vampires lust for human flesh
Ephialites-Demon believed to cause nightmares
Ereshkigal-"Lady of the great Place" Mother and Master of the evil demon 'Death'

Fall of the Demons-The book of Enoch places the fall of the demons in the time of Noah. Origen labeled this account a fable and made satan's sin antedate the appearence of the human race
Familliars-Attendant demons attached to a witch. They sometimes assume the shape of a human being, but appear more frequently as animals: goats, lizards, ferrets, moles, birds, dogs, and apes. They are identified in demonological writtings: Phrin, Rapho, Robin, Zewuiel
Fever-DemonA terrifying demon feared by the early semetic tribes inhabiting mesopotamia. He has the head of a lion, limbs of a panther, and the teeth of an ass. A black dog nibbles at his breasts, and terrible serpants writher in his hands. He generally entered the body of a vitem through sin. A person who failed to observe a religious cerimony, or comitted thelft or murder was a prime target. Fever in the body of the victem proves the presence of him
Forau-One of the Three demons obidient to the will of Sargatanus.
Forcas-In Medievil Demonology, He commands twenty-nine legions, and appears in the shape of a robust, white haired man, and teaches logic, rhetoric, and other subjects
Freya-In Scandanavian Demonology, goddess of love and queen of the under world. Witches held thier meetings on Friday, her sacred day.
Frimost-One of the demons who may be summoned by mortals. He can be summoned only on a Tuesday night between the hours of nine and ten. He requires as a plegde the first pebble the conjurer has found that day. According to the Grimorium Verum, Frimost can control the minds and bodies of girls and women
Fuchsin-A demon succubus known to Johannes Junius
Furaroth-A demon swallowed by a woman in childbirth. She neglected to make the sign of the cross before drinking from a cup of water

Gallu-A demon feared by the inhabitants of ancient mesopotamia. He looked like a furious bull and roamed by night through desserted streets
Garm-In Teutonic Mythology, A demon hell hound similar to the classical Cerberus. He has four eyes and blood dripping jaws
Gouls-Originated from the Arabs. A name to demons that lurk in dark places, ready to seize thier prey
Globe of Fire-Abertus Magnus assumed that the demons pulled along behind them, wherever they went, a globe of fire which enveloped and tortured them, but remained invisible to the human eye
Glayalabolas-One of the Three demons who served Nebiros
Gozu-In Japanese Folklore, a steer headed demon who assists Kongo
Grahas-Hindu demons who cause death to infants
Gresil-One of the demons who possessed Louise Capeau
Gresel-One of the demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges. She drove him out as soon as she understood what he was doing with her
Guland-A demon who may be summoned on Saturday, between 11 and midnight by writting in a circle 'Do not enter, Guland; Do not enter, Guland' when he appears he must be offered burnt bread. Then he will answer any question immediatly

Haborym-He has Three heads. That of a Cat, Snake and Human. He rides a Viper, and carries a torch. He commands 26 legions and is the demon of Holocausts
Hanpa-Assyrian demon, King of the evil spirits of the air
Hekakontalithos-Stone used in demonic offerings
Hutgin-A demon who takes pleasure in conversing with men and doing them favors

Idisi-In Teutonic Mythology, demonic female spirits
Incubus-Demon that lies upon sleeping women and has intercourse with them
Invocation of a Demon-Among ancient formulae for invoking demons are: Palas Aron Azinomas, Bagahi Iaca Bachabe, and utterence of the Nine Mystic Names...Eheieh, Iod, Tetragammoton Elohim, El, Elohim Gibor, Eloah Va-Daath, El Adonai Tzabaoth, Elohim Tzabaoth, Shaddai
Iod-One of the Nine Mystic names used to invoke demons
Iron-Demons fear iron

Jinni-Among the heathen Arabs, a demon representing one of the hostile forces of nature

Katakhanes-A singhalese vampire demon
Kobal-One of the demons in charge of infernal pleasures
Krikoin-In Eskimo Religion, an evil demon who pursues dogs caught outside. Dogs died in convulsions when they saw his face
Kwei-Chinese Demonology, a spirit akin to the dybbuk, it is capable of taking possesion of a human body.
Kuang-shi-Feared vampire demon of china; demon inhabitance in a corpse.

Labartu-Assyrian Demonology, malefic ghosts
Labassu-Assyrian Demonology, malefic phantoms
Lasae-In Entruskan Religion, they are minor demons
Loray-One of the Three demons serving Saragatanas
Lagasse-Demon of Hypocrisy.
Lanithro-Demon of the air.
Langsuir-A flying vampiric demon in Malaysian folklore.

Mare-A demon whichs sits on the chest, causing a feeling of suffocation
Martinet-Familiar Demon who accompanies sorcerers, somtimes helps travelers who have gone astray
Melchom-Worshipped by Ammonites
Mephistophales-Name of demon whom Faust signed a pact with. Means "fly the light"
Mezu-Japanese Folklore, horse headed demon who asists Kongo
Mkha' Sgroma-Freightful demon worshipped by Tibetan Budhists. Lion headed monster with a halo of flames
Murmur-Demon of music, he appears astride a vulture, shaped like a giant soldier
Mastiphal-One of the Princes of Darkness.
Moloch-Children were sacraficed in his name. the prince of the land of tears. my idol

Naamal-In Jewish Tradition, a demoness who smothers newborn children, and seduces men in thier sleep
Namuche-Indian Mythology, a wicked demon with whom Indra struggles
Nasu-Zoroastrian Religion, a female demon that feeds on the corpses of the dead
Nats-Burmese Demonology, evil spirits can be exercised by women
Neptuni-Another name for Aquatic demons
Nix-Teutonic Folklore, demons that live in or near streams
Nybras-One of the demons in charge of infernal powers

Ochinotinos-Ancient Hebrewic Incantation demon used to banish fever, utter his name in diminishing size....

Oki-North American sky demon
Orgeuil-Demon who possessed Ellisabeth Allier, a Seventeenth Century Nun
Ornias-Solomonic Legend, vampire demon
Orthon-Familliar demon of Raymond, Count of Corasse, and later his friend Foix

Palas Aron Azinomas-Ancient formula to invoke demons
Paymon-Powerful demon, appears as a robust man woth the face of a woman, mounted on a camel
Pazuzu-Assyrian demon, son of Hanpa
Philotanus-Lesser demon who helps Beliel to turn humans to pederasty and sodomy
Pisaches-In India, demons that haunt scenes of violent death
Pontica-Stone marked by blood-like stains, used to compel demons to answer questions
Pruslas-One of Three demons in the service of Satanachia
Pursan-One of Three demons in the service of Fleuretty


Rabados-A demon said to have been a wise man, known as the strangler
Rabinu-One of the most horrible demons of Ancient Mesopotamia. He hid in the shadows and leaped out to overpower victems
Rahu-Hindu demon snake
Ralaratry-Hindu demon and vampire
Ravana-Hindu demon who ravished Sita, wife of Rama, in the Ramayana
Rimmon-A demon who served as ambasador to Russia, according to Medievil Demonologists
Ronwe-Lesser demon who commands 19 legions
Rusulkas-Slavic demons who hide in plants, kidnap shildren, cast spells, and bring bad luck to men

Salt-Used to ward off demons
Seddim-Demon of destruction
Seere-A demon described in the Lemegeton, as "indifferently good or bad", and "ready to do the will of the operator".
Shaddai-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to invoke demons
Shedim-Class of demons having the claws of a cock
Silcharde-One of the demons who may be summoned by a necromancer. Bread will induce him to appear between three and four on thurseday morning
Smoke-By burning the heart and liver of a fish, the smoke will drive away the demon Asmodeus
Souberet-French Sorcerer who summoned two demons, Avarus, and Superbus. He was burned in 1437
Demon of the Southwest wind-In Assyrian Demonology, a horrible demon with the head of a dog, the feet of an eagle, paws of a lion, and tail of a scorpion. A statue in the Louvre shows him with no flesh
Spices-Can ward off demons
Succubus-Demon that assumes the form of a woman for purpose of having intercourse with a man
Succor-Benoth-Demon of jealousy
Surgat-A demon who may be summoned on Sunday and commanded to bring the magic stone. He will appear between 11 pm and 1 am, and will ask for a hair from the conjurers head. He will accept a hair from any animal
Swawmx-Burmese vampire demon
Saalah-Demon that entices into the woods.

Tetragrammaton Elohim-One of the Nine Mystic Names used to invoke demons
Troll-Teutonic Religion, an earth demon, or non-human power
Tuchulcha-Etruscan demon of infernal tortures
Tenebrion-Spirit of Darkness.

Ukoback-Lesser demon

Verrine-One of the demons who possessed Louise Capeau
Vervain-Common plant said to ward off demons
Vetula-Special class of demons/vampires in India
Verdelet-Demon who carries witches to Sabbath.

Xaphan-Lesser Demon
Xezbeth-Demon of Lies, miraculous tales, and fanciful prodigies
Xilka-First word in an ancient formula to invoke malefic demons...(Xilka Xilka Besa Besa)

Yakasha-Indian classification of demons who devour men

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