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The Nerd Zone

The Nerd Zone, when Rocket Club is finally released, will be a relatively peaceful, innovative group. We'll do creative things to help make Synthetic Reality's best game yet even better.

Current activites:

*The Rocket Club DataBase of clubs in Rocket club

*Getting new members!

Possible activities:
*Training Center (With inexpensive structures to be blown up by vehicle pilots flying and driving around. Naturally, it might be a wee bit expensive to train there).
*Lottery (100 credits gets you a number, which we would write down. When the winning number is drawn, we can verify that whoever comes forth as the winner is the winner).
*Blasting evil clubs, like SoV
*A park planet, with nice plants and animals. Maybe some tasteful sculptures. We'd charge admission.
*Blasting people that don't pay back loans.

Relations to other clubs will be friendly, in general. After all, why fight nice clubs? However, like we said, SoV and other evil, hostile clubs will have problems. Although we're working out an alliance with SoV, so, hmmmmm......

System of rank and hierarchy
General member. Authorized to conduct small business.
Army private. Authorized to shoot things. Not many in that field, as we are mostly peaceful.
Business captain. Authorized to sell RC currency for actual money, among other transactions.
Military captain. Gets respect.
Club Captain.

To join this illustrious club, e-mail us at . Now we will rule both the shareware world AND the multiplayer online space game world! By the way, this is a nerd site. Thus, it is spartan and plainly decorated. Deal with it.

Current Members

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