Lot Six

the Lot Six Animals
Espo Records

The Lot Six is back, motherfuckers. Remember Gwylo? That was an EP that set this year on fire, and now before the year even ends, here comes a slew of new songs from these rockers.

The Lot 6 doesn’t really seem to lose anything since their Gwylo EP, they pretty much pick up right where they left off and rock even harder than before.

The first song on this full length is an instrumental that lasts about two minutes and, I’m not going to lie, I’ve only heard it once or twice because I usually skip right over it. It’s good, but two minutes is just too long and if you get this CD after listening to it a couple of times, the novelty fades and you will also be pushing right for the second track. Luckily, “All So Nice To Know” kicks in with the thunder the Lot Six have been known for and the CD never really fades or loses any sort of momentum after that. Just to hear the chorus of “And it’s so nice to know it’s all falling apart/and it’s so nice to know we’re going down together” will have you hooked. There are the stops and the starts. There is the fury. The full blown onslaught of indie destruction. Again, just things we have come to know and respect from the Lot Six.

“My Son” actually has a strange kind of country feel to it that I’m digging right now. And just to hear lines like “they make you become what you hate” (“Save Yourself”) and “I’m not your faceless mess” (“Freezin’ Scene”) makes it all worth it.

In a sort of shoutout to Gwylo, I guess, there is a song called “the Tiniest Tin”, which is not too much unlike “the Tiny Tin” on Gwylo.

Overall, if you listened to me six months ago and got Gwylo then you know where Animals is at and were highly anticipating it (like me). If not, it’s time you got a clue, because quite honestly, I have seen the future in music and its name is the Lot Six.

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