Hey Mercedes

Hey Mercedes Interview

September 10, 2001

This interview was conducted outside the Agora after the show. It was so spur of the moment, but I think it went ok anyway.

Cynthia: What is your name and what do you play?

Daymon: Daymon, drums.

Todd: Todd, bass guitar.

Bob: Bob.

Cynthia: And you sing.

(the whole rest of the interview is conducted with just Bob)

Bob: And I play Scrabble.

Cynthia: I love Scrabble.

Bob: Really? Are you good?

Cynthia: Yeah.

Bob: Are you challenging me?

Cynthia: Yeah. I miss mine. I left it at home. I told my mom to send it to me.

Bob: We have travel Scrabble.

Cynthia: Cool. How would you describe your sound to people who haven't heard you?

Bob: Rock music.

Cynthia: What are some of your musical influences?

Bob: All the bands that we've played with I listen to now. Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional. I'm into a lot of singer/songwriter stuff similar to Dashboard like Pete Yorn and Ron Sexsmith. Just you know, basically a guy and a guitar.

Cynthia: Where are you guys from?

Bob: Milwaukee, but I live in Chicago.

Cynthia: How long have you been a band?

Bob: A year. A little over a year. We were in a bunch of bands before this though.

Cynthia: Do you guys have a full-length out?

Bob: It comes out next month on Vagrant.

Cynthia: Who is the lyricist of the group?

Bob: Me. I write all the songs and sing all the songs.

Cynthia: What inspires you to write about what you write about?

Bob: Anything. Movies, other bands, people I meet, traveling around, anything around me...this interview.

Cynthia: Are you gonna write a song about me?

Bob: Sure.

Cynthia: Do you like touring?

Bob: Yeah we love touring.

Cynthia: What's your favorite city you like playing in?

Bob: Besides Chicago, I like playing in New York. I just like playing in big cities.

Cynthia: What are the future plans for the band?

Bob: Well our album comes out in October, we're gonna tour a little bit in October....

Cynthia: Any headlining?

Bob: Co-headlining. And then we are possibly going to Europe in November with Saves the Day, but we don't know. And then next year, we're gonna tour all year, write and record another album. Basically much recording, a lot of playing, and a lot of touring. That's what makes us happy. And we like that. We like to be happy.

Cynthia: Well I don't have any more questions. Any last comments?

Bob: This is the greatest interview I've ever done.