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We are so frag-ile...

Friday, 6 January 2006

Captain's Blog, supplimental
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Dance Hall Crashers-She's Trying...still kinda gay...
I'm going to EN-GLAND soon! SUN-DAY SUN-DAY SUN-DAY!!!! SWEET! Totally stoked,yo!
FUUUUCK! I have to BE at work in...7.5 hours...and I'm not even vaguely tired yet...hrm. Quick plug before I go... go to my website for even lamer entertainment than you're currently viewing!

Posted by geek/mrspartacus at 11:00 PM CST
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Thursday, 5 January 2006

Captain's log, star date...867530-9
Mood:  smelly
Now Playing: Lit-I'm in over my very gay...
Good god, blogs are really dumb huh? I must be really bored...or lonely...or something. I'm definetley gassy. Why gassy? I guess because I can be. My woman is off in Scotland, probably running naked through a field as we speak. If only that were an an analogy for something deeper, or a little dirtier...but alas. Seriously invisible audience of my head, I'm experiencing actual lonely-like feelings for the first time in several...hours I guess. Lonliness and boredom. I'm actually looking forward to work tommorrow!Work can be kinda fun. And by fun, I Heh. You see, this is why blogs are lame. Most people really don't have anything to say...but take their sweet ass time saying it. The even lamer bloggers are the ones who weave this complex tapestry out of their mundane life in an attempt to get someone...anyone to care. I guess I don't know where I fit. Honestly, the real reason I'm doing this is I used to have a building passion for writing which dried up several years ago...along with most passion in my life. But, it's a new year(whoopee), therefore...a time for a new beginning. Now, that is probably the most ridiculous concept ever. TIME. We made it up and we let it dictate our lifes. It makes us rush through things or dwell on things far too much, instead of simply allowing us to be...US! Hrm...rant ended...for now...

Posted by geek/mrspartacus at 1:43 AM CST
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