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Race creation has never been a strong point of mine, and I rarely feel the need to invent a new one. But the Known World is home to a number of unique races which needed detailing. The majority of the Known World races are up, but expect the People of the Sun, Cadavers, Chataal and Grey Dwarves in the near future. If you have a race you'd like to see in the Known World, sent it to Inches_72@yahoo.com

  • Desert Gnomes: These militaristic and proud warriors haunt the dunes of the Great Devoid, fiercely defending their lands against human intrusion.

  • Wannith Minotaurs:The by-product of a magical experiment, the intelligent and peaceful Wannith Minotaurs have a rich verbal history and a passionate love of the arts.

  • Illithid Halfbreed:The result of a fiendish Illithid scheme to tear human society apart.

  • Shadow Elves:Worshipping the god Yaro, these surface dwelling Drow inhabit the haunted Forest of Shadows, and their preoccupation with the afterlife makes them skilled Necromancers.

  • Lexicans: Created by Hextor, the Lexicans are a foul race of killing machines whose sole purpose is to hunt and eat. They offer plenty of roleplayig challenges, recommended for experienced roleplayers only.

  • Feral Elf: These barbaric Elves inhabit the Misty Jungles, where they wage a secret guerrilla war against any who would dare to enter their sacred homelands. Masters of melee combat, the Feral Elves are lethal foes and potent allies.

  • Leonine Centaurs: A primitive race of traders and warriors, the Leonine Centaurs believe in one god, nature, and strive to uphold the ideals laid out by their ancient code of honour.