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Until a later date, this section of the site is under construction. Rest assured that the Known World will gradually make its way onto these pages, rather than haunt it as the skeleton of a soon to be complete world. Expect a huge (A2) map to be uploaded in the near future. Stuart Robinson has also begun construction of several Bryce images AND an Underdark map to go with the campaign.



July 30th 2001

Here you can see three of Stuart Robinson's latest images for the Known World. Expect to see more of his work soon, as we upload every one of his brilliant artworks to this site. Feedback can be sent to Mollock_20@yahoo.com

The ghostly shores of Ravenport illuminated by a full Lunatis moon.

A somewhat futuristic rendition of Brookmere's Great Boardwalk.

The Brookmere River plunges into the Misty Jungle at Couatl Falls

June 1st 2001

Check out the details for Yaro, the God of the Dead!

Yaro: Yaro is said to be a servant of Nerull, and a great hero amongst the Shadow Elves. He came to this world for the first time many centuries ago and lead the Shadow Elves from the Drow cities and into their promised land. He assured them that by living good religious lives and worshipping him, the Shadow Elves would be given admission into the afterlife, a blessing not given to their Drow ancestors. Yaro is not worshipped by many other races, but some Necromancers are partial to him over Nerull. His favoured weapon is a Scythe. Priests of Yaro have access to the Death, Destruction, War and Protection domains.