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May they rest in peace

Throughout the course of my career as DM, I have killed off well over one hundred hapless PCs. Here you can find a record of deaths including class, race, level and cause of death. Some are just plain stupid and others are proof of my meticulous attention to finding ways to punish my players. From drowning in a pool of kelp to being decapitated by a cunning trap, every blood-soaked death can be found here.

Milo (2nd level Halfling Rogue- Decapitated by Orc assassins.

Krusk (4th level Orc Ranger)- Torn limb from limb by Minotaurs.

Stardrifter (4th level Lizardfolk Cleric of Pelor)- Eaten by battle crazed Troll.

Ulfgar (4th level Dwarf Fighter)- Died attempting to lure off an enraged Earth Elemental.

Thor (4th level Ogre Barbarian)- Horribly burnt by stray fireball, :(.

Johann (2nd level Human Fighter/Cleric of Thor)- Defeated in single combat by Captain of the Leban Brotherhood guards.

Frederic 'Ghoulslayer' Riley (4th level Human Fighter)- Died in an epic combat with Trolls whilst defending his brother's body.

Ferrian 'Forester' Riley (4th level Half Elf Druid)- Slain by Trolls whilst covering his party's retreat.

The Silver Dagger (4th level Halfling Rogue)- Beaten repeatedly against a cavern wall by enraged Trolls.

Lurlandra Vure (5th level Human Fighter)- Head severed by Trolls.

Gunter Veiss (6th level Human Rogue)- Fell down a sinkhole whilst dodging boulders thrown by Trolls.

Taxin Cantor (2nd level Human Mage)- Arrow through the heart by bandits whilst assaulting a reknowned bandit stronghold.

Barrin the Brilliiant (1st level Human Evocationist)- Bled to death by wounds caused by Goblin tribesmen.

Xzar (5th level Human Necromancer)- Electrocuted by a Behir after requesting it 'surrender all of its accumulated wealth, or face his wrath'.

Thrugg Bullneck (7th level Ogre Fighter)- Devoured by Ghasts whilst attempting to flee a horde of zombies.

Elandor (6th level Elven Fighter)- Disembowelled by Quaggoth Chieftain.

Kane (8th level Human Fighter)- Backstabbed by Chandler who was under the influence of Illithid domination (something he became infamous for). His death was further worsened by a misplaced fireball thrown by Merlin, reducing Kane to -87 hit points.

Carthax Orion (6th level Elf Fighter/Mage)- Killed by Quaggoths whilst attemtping to heal Elandor.

Uther Lightbringer (6th level Dwarf Cleric of Moradin)- Paralysed and slowly devoured by a horde of Grell.

Luther Palfore (4th level Human Cleric of Pelor)- Cut in two by Quaggoth Chieftain.

Tempus (6th level Human Cleric of Nerull)- Crushed by a Wall of Ice as it plumetted from four hundred feet above.

Alerielle Starbreeze (3rd level Elven Paladin)- Accidentally killed by Merlin and an ill timed Cloudkill.

Goldar Ironfist (8th level Dwarf Fighter)- Missing and presumed dead after his body fell into a crevice during combat with a Shadow Dragon).

Sarevok (9th level Human Fighter)- Leapt off a cliff to avoid a stray fireball, fell one thousand feet to death.

Josephine (5th level Human Enchantress)- Choked to death by Cloudkill thrown by Derro Savant.

Robert Pumble (6th level Human Cleric)- Drowned after leaping into a thirty foot deep pool in full plate mail.

Balin Pathfinder (7th level Dwarf Cleric)- Permanent spinal damage caused by Chandler who backstabbed him whilst charmed).

Fred Durst (4th level Human Rogue)- Head severed by Kuo-Toa Mutant.

Robert Flametongue (7th level Elven fighter)- Loss of blood caused by the loss of both legs in combat with Kuo-Toa.

Nahitsu Aragui (6th level Human Monk)- Hacked into sushi by several deranged Kuo-Toan Whips.

Lucas Bravetongue (6th level Human Psion)- Pumped full of juice when struck by a lightning bolt hurled by a Derro Savant.

Ashaneral (6th level Human Fighter/Rogue)- Brains devoured by Illithids.

Geronmen (6th level Human paladin)- Cut in two by Chandler, who was, surprisingly enough, charmed.

Bob Segar (6th level Human Fighter)- Turned to dust and then into mud when he blew into a puddle.

Frank (6th level Human Fighter)- Incinerated by three consecutive fireball explosions.

Sierra Nevada (6th level Human Bard)- Kiled in single combat by Orion after accidentally travelling to the Beastlands.

Fueregan (6th level Human Mage)- Frozen by Ixzan Mage.

Bloodfrenzy (7th level Grimlock Barbarian)- Leg severed by Kuo-Toan Lieutenant.

Darafayen (11th level Elf Mage)- Retired after her left arm was severed by a cunning Drow trap.

Kharne (6th level Human Fighter)- Pounded into messy pink goo by a pair of Stone Golems).

Lordan the Pure (6th level Human Cleric)- Drowned after becoming entangled in kelp.

Xander (8th level Human Necromancer)- Poisoned after flying headlong into a magically hidden wall of razorblades.

Ripley (9th level Halfling Rogue)- Accidentally shapeshifted into a Wild Boar by Raven (a fellow party member).

Megan of Averlorne (8th level Elf Fighter)- Beaten into oblivion by an enraged Fire Giant patrol. Poor scouting proved her downfall.

Fury (8th level Human Barbarian)- Explosive decompression, you be the judge.

Shazzir (8th level Dryad Bard)- Eaten by Ghouls after being paralysed by Drow poison.

Midge the Evil (8th level Pixie Necromancer)- Frozen to death whilst exploring the ruins of a temple to Nerull.

Nimue (8th level Human Bard)- Kissed by Drow Banshee.

Jebus (8th level Elf Fighter)- Planeshifted to the Abyss, where he was unlucky enough to encounter a very angry Pit Fiend.

M'Kra'di (1st level Githzerai Psionic Warrior)- Killed in combat with a Hag, partially because of an ill-placed Frost arrow.

Don Astimos Garibaldi (1st level Seanchan Fighter)- Drained of life in combat with Wights.

Morkoth (2nd level Drow Wizard)- Mortally wounded in combat with an Ivory Golem.