Jeremiah's Biography
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Jeremiah Trostle was born a very unusual 0 year old on October 16th. He liked to drink milk that his mom made. Nobody knew how she made it but he liked to drink it. Maybe this explains why Jeremiah is so funny. Anyways, Jeremiah was a bullfrog... wait... no. Jeremiah was just another firecrotch. He enjoys playing ice hockey and roller hockey just like Derek. Jeremiah likes to snowboard, eventhough he is not as talented as Aaron and Derek are at it, he's still pretty good. Now that Jeremiah is a big 14 year old he has made many life accomplishments. His biggest accomplishment so far has been to join the comedy group, Guilty By Association. His life long dream is to grow up to and master the cooky cooky grind, and to be a big star on television. Jeremiah is the filmer for videos that we make for the group. Some of his 'professional' filming will be able to be downloaded from this site sometime in the near future. There isnt much to say about Jeremiah, so I think I'm gonna stop.

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