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Aurora Wing Screenshots

Chapter 2 download available at Or you can try copying and pasting in your address bar if you want, I guess.
FYI, if you're having trouble with lag, be sure to choose "fast" and "discrete" in options.

The following pages all have the same game, minus a minor fix:
Sky Tower Games

I'm probably not going to post many new screens from Chapter 3+. The overall graphical style is the same, really, and it would be hard to avoid spoilers.

Screenshots from the last demo:

The picture above shows off a new feature: the allowed range of an action is highlighted. A few people who played the chapter 1 demo requested this. It looks a little awkward here because you can't see the animation involved, though.

These two screenshots show the difference given by another new option. The default battle animation is on the right. The animation on the left moves faster and devotes more processing to the enemy thought process; in short, the enemy turn goes much more quickly with the left option. This is over and above the general improvement made from the chapter 1 demo.

The remaining screenshots were taken from chapter 1, but are still valid.

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