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This is my links page...

     Here I have links to some of my favorite sites. They've come in quite handy.

     The Hunger Site is a really great site where you can donate food to needy people just by clicking a button and looking at a couple advertisements. I actually use this as my start-up page.

     Sherlock for Windows is an interesting puzzle program. Remember those puzzles with six men, six houses, six pets, six favorite foods, and you had to find out which went with which? This is a lot of puzzles like that. I like it. 410KB.

     HTMLGoodies is an excellent site for people who want to know more about HTML. (I learned everything I needed to write my site at HTMLGoodies.)

     RPGMaker English Translation This is a great page about a great program, RPGMaker 2000. Try it out. (RPG stands for Role-Playing Game.)

     Final Fantasy Online is a very complete Final Fantasy fan site.

     Is the font on my sidebar funky? If not, download it, or go to where I found a copy. You will need to unzip the file, put it in the Windows\Fonts\ folder, then use the Fonts command on the Control Panel to install it.

     RPG World is a well-drawn, humorous comic strip for those who play RPGs and don't mind making fun of them.

     St. Edward High School is my high school. The site's not great. (Of course, it's probably better than mine.)

     Mackin's page isn't great either, yet, but he's a friend of mine.

     This is my sister's page. Although she may have a new one now.

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