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     I have decided to join the millions of people who have created pages on the Internet with my own page. I promise that it is probably nearly as useless as any Web page out there- after all, I'm sure that almost anything I put here could be found elsewhere on the Net- but I don't care very much. And, just like all those other people, I wrote it mostly for me! So there!

     Not that it wouldn't be nice to have a number of people come here... The whole site is continuously under construction. My current project is writing a program to precisely determine the value of pi to any number of digits (given you have enough memory and computing time). I have the basics worked out in a program I already have up, but the precision of the variables isn't very good, so I'm writing a class (that's sort of a type of variable, if you don't understand) to hold scientific numbers.

Current item of interest: fun with text filters! Look at the special effects on the navigation sidebar and title. Ooh. It would probably scare you if I told you how much effort I put into figuring out how to do that little thing.

Site Contents

     Math/Science --This is my page on math and science. Those are my two areas of talent, really... in any case, I have my guide to rules of divisibility, my lists of prime and perfect numbers (I have lists of the first 1 million prime numbers, and the perfect numbers under 100,000- all 4 of them) and some other miscellaneous stuff. I'm always looking for more questions, and I'd really appreciate it if anyone could ask me some!

     Programming--This is my programming area. I have slight programming experience in C++ and Visual Basic (and HTML, which I wrote these pages in); this contains the source code and files for some of my more interesting programs. Many of them, especially in C++, are math-related.

     Opinions --Listen to me rant and rave! Seriously, I have some of my better opinion pieces up here, as well as a few short stories.

     Other Links --Some of my favorite Web sites.

     About Me --All about yours truly. Oh boy. It's only slightly tongue-in-cheek. I promise. What, don't you believe me?

     Guestbook --You can either View or Sign. A new window will open. Please sign it!




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-About Me


     The proper sidebar font can be found on my links page.

Want to get in touch with me? My email is falcon112358@lycos.com.
Carl Staab, © 2001

I used to be able to say that half of these visits were me. That's not true anymore.

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