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     I can't believe that you actually came to this page. No, really. Well, you're a free human being; it's not up to me to warn you away from stupid decisions. Proceed if you want.

     Anyway, I'm Carl Staab.

That's me, diligently studying a rocket engine.
I'm about to get fried!

I'm a freshman at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I'm a potential math and/or physics major.

Saturn rockets make good graduation presents!
I have got to get me one of these.

     It's funny how irrelevant a lot of the stuff that I used to have up here is now. I'll come up with something to put in, though, don't worry.

     *I recommend that if you haven't already, you let your mouse hover over the pictures for a moment so that the alternate descriptions comes up. They're both pretty funny. I hope you enjoy this extra 1.46 seconds of entertainment.

Want to get in touch with me? My email is falcon112358@lycos.com.
Carl Staab, © 2001

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