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Get the Most From Your Fellowship Viewing!

There are many things great about the Lord of the Rings movie, and we here appreciate this. But we have found ways to get more, so much more from your frequent LotR viewings.

The Drinking Game for Fellowship of the Rings
This is much like your standard drinking game where there are many arbitrary rules and you have to follow all of them or else.....who cares? Watch out, though. This game has yet to be completed in full by any of my friends, as we average out 40 ounces by the end of the council in Rivendell. Tolerant drinkers or Non-Alcoholic drinks are suggested by this website.

Lord of the Pants
If you ever heard of the Star Wars pants idea, this is it. For those unfamiliar, replace one or more words in any line from Fellowship of the Rings with 'pants'. The results are funnier than they should be.

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