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Satire Home

I don't know about all those who are reading this, but I really love freezing rain. It's one of those things that really makes my trip to school that much more fun. I consider it a video game. This is the only condition in all of reality that a 2000lb motor vehicle can defy each and every law of physics imaginable. I like to think of it as,"Moto Pinball". When the cars slam into eachother, I love to just sit back and laugh as the windshield blows out in front of me. I also love the flips that the car does too; they do things even Michelle Kwan wont try.

Let's assume for a second that I did survive part one of the freezing rain game. We move on to part two! The blood and glass bits followed by screaming just wasn't enough, now we have to break some bones! As I walk to the entrance, which has not been salted yet mind you, I like to see how many times I fall and hear some kind of unidentifiable snapping sound. Then I go to the doctor and see just what and how many of it I broke this time around. Last time I checked I was leading Jackie Chan by seven.

I, as a sophomore in high school, go to Toledo Public Schools. Our Super, who shall remain unnamed cause he's a mororn, seems to think that we need to cut the population in schools by killing some of the students. After freezing rain all night and a glaze of ice over anything and everything, we still went to school. I guess the whole idea he had for reform is, "If natural selection wont do it's job, I'll give it a hand!"

This was by far the worst attempt at, "Trying my best to please every damn whino" I have ever seen. What is it that makes him think that we should be subjected to this kind of danger to and from our place of education. The whole idea behind not closing is that if kids stay home so do parents who get pissed and dont work and the whole workforce is at a standstill all day. WE are in reality just a very expensive day care for kids. Gee, I'm full of pride. TPS, whose motto remains to this day, "If you survive the trip here, you're worth the expense" needs to get into reality. Some teachers even put the Super's phone number on the blackboard.

I think that we could exercise just a wee bit of common sense the next time this kind of situation arises. I really am saying that this a matter of safety and nothing else. I am not just some kid who wanted a day off, I am just some kid who doesn't enjoy the idea of death a great deal.

'Till next crime,