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Satire Home

"Hey there son. Could you pass the peas?"
"Sure Pa, anything else"
"Yeah, pass the carrots, potatos, beef and the cigs will ya?"
"Yup, I got all that. Hold on while I light up my cig."
"So, son, how did the fancy old fourth grade proficiancy go for you?"

If you hadn't gathered by now, I'm gonna rip apart the cigarette industry now. I learned something today about our good friends at Philip Morris. They spend $115,000,000 on charity. Good for them! They are among the leaders in charity contributions of big business'. Yup they really love to give. But you know what else touches my heart? The bill that goes to their ad campiagne. I'm sure its all irrelevant to the public cause it cant possably surpass the giving. Wrongo Boyo! They spend $150,000,000!!!!!!

150 million- 115 million= 35 million more spent on bragging.

Needless to say, I still love them. They give food to the needy, home renovations to the poor and death to 8,000 people a day. How can't you love the grim reaper? It seems to me that we should at least put more money to the actions and not the ads for them. It's time to put less money where your mouth is. I can take the fact that people make their own choice to smoke. I can't handle the fact that they brag so much. I realize that other things that they do really help out, but they need to balance it out before I give my respect to that course of action.

'Till next crime,