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Satire Home

HOME Well ladies and gentlemen, there is a old article I feel the need to address. Watch closely what I do here... WWWWWWWWWWW. Do any of you know how jealous I just made the president? This is about what could be the greatest prank in all of America's history... and how people who are too uptight ruined it.

For those who do not know, Clinton took all of the,"w"s of all the keyboards in the White House. I thougt it was great! It was extremely clever since Bush cannot write even all of his name, white house or washington. Bravo Billy! Either way there are those who say it was too immature or too unprofessional. All they do is nit pick. These people could find a fault in the pope!(other than his inabilty to controll his salivary glads on world t.v.) My point is that the U.S. is no longer fun or funny.

Can you believe that there are places that consider corn a reason to have a festival? What the hell happened to us? Other places would die of laughter if you shot the tail off a squirrel. But if you even uttered the word, "computer" they would hold you for herecy. No joke! WE need to lighten up. There were presidents who got the biggest kick out of giving out loaded cigars. America sat back and had a good laugh, "What a great man" they all said. A president takes off a computer key and they say, "Burn the bastard! We wont take that in AMERICA!" I say shut up and sit down. I bet they wont tell you about the time they put exlax in their shop teacher's brownies. (By the way, that was a good one!)

That's about all I'm good for for now.

'Till next crime,