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Homo-vox-magnus-ignoramous(REALLY loud moron)

Refered to as such due to the unique lack of respect fo the female of its kind. Most commoly they may be found spouting profanities at the top of their lungs to any pair of female legs that happens past. Such mating calls consist of, "hey, why don't you bring on the sweet peice of lovin my way BIAAATCH!" followed be a spirited round of approval by the rest of his companions. Other calls are, "Hey baby, let me put my--(entirely censored)--BIAAAATCH!" Notice that the trade mark of Homo-projectus is its famed BIAAATCH, (pronounced Bee-Atch) call. This is used as a hope to show off ones vocabulary and great knack at pronunciation of the english language. In public places they may be seen, "Smakin theyz hoez" and so on.