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This particular group prides itself in having the most school spirit that any human should be aloud to have. One scientist even noted that for every prep, the sound energy is enough to power LA into the next century. Itís funny since most come from LA. If they knew this before the brown outs, power would never have been an issue. Their loss. Preps may be observed in their natural habitat under the school gymnasium bleachers. In this little hideaway, they survive on spilled pop and stale popcorn droppings. Most importantly though, this is where they derive the trademark gum. This gum acts almost as a peacockís feathers would in creating a hierarchy. This is unfortunate since a hierarchy is almost laughable. Being at the top of this group is like the blind leading the blind. Many preps have found that humans are easily deceived and can be fooled by cheerleading outfits. This acts as an excuse for them to be as loud as six DC10 jets.