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Wassup! Howz iz all my b*tchez? If that offended you, good! Time to dig in once again and stick it to those who speak as if they never heard the english language before! Yes, Ghetto speak. Who are these seemingly wonderfull people you may ask. They are the guys that have not even the slightest clue how one should treat a woman. In the natural habitat, they are heard over everyone else and their mother, shouting how much they would, "like a piece of that bootylicious b*tch over there." Many times, one cannot tell what they are saying. Grammer scholars have yet to find a pattern to the language. Far worse is their tendancy to take up and entire halway with only the number of three people in a group. Once photographed was a group of six, crossing the Grand Canyon, fingertip to fingertip. Will they ever be able to speak intelligably; the world may never know.