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Easily identified due to the Fort Knox volume of fake gold dangling from the neck region. Next in line for identification, are the FUBU jeans. Interestingly enough, the Homie refuses to admit that though FUBU stands for, for us by us, it is made by a bunch of rich white dudes out in the suburbs. The mating call of the Homie is much similar to the form of language of Homo-vox-ghettus. Neither is able to pleak to the other, or its own species. Commonly, only a few of these humans may understand eachother, as they have most likely grown up together. It is almost always consisting of vulgar English. Unfortunately the Homie is only able to attract the more homely of its species. The principle here is that the mate must be as stupid, or stupider to find this attractive. This results in a much deeper gene pool, thus ruining the hopes for human kind in the future.