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Commonly referred to as, "lush" it is important to know just how to identify this type of person. In a crowd, one may search for the person who talks about the astronomical amounts of times they get it on in the week. This is entirely indicative that they in fact get no booty whatsoever! Beer labels have become permanently imprinted on their palms. The social order is lead by those with the most imported labels imprinted. We see these in bars commonly with several friends who all believe and make the same claims in reference to their own booty getting. In groups they may be dangerous due to the projectile vomitting that may occur. Tarps and tasers are standard safety devices. Often times this person may be viewed in its courting ritual. This is displayed with intense alcoholic behavior. One will fill up to the brim on cheap liquor then proceed to vomit on the female one wishes to get.