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I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. ~ Charles Swindoll

Its been a long time since we all sit down for a sweet little talking to, but hey here we go. I like this quote. It plays from the age old question of weather or not we are pessimists or optimists. Well, which are you? Not that it matters now, but later it might. You see, the thing is this.

What if, one day, your girlfriend or boyfriend of years breaks up with you? Most people would freak out. I probably would to. Some would get depressed and secluded and just plain fade out until things get better. But there is an alternative to all this. One could look at it in a different light. This chain of events could lead to a new and more reasonable person. Then how would you fell. Everone would feel great. YAY!

Just think, none of this would be happening if you locked yourself in a closet for a month. If you looked at it in a very rational way, chances are you would go to the big game friday with a friend. BUt it just so happens that when you are getting a tripple chilli dog with the works and a cardiologist on the side, a beautifull young female with the same thing bumps into you. Who's to say where it goes from there. But, look! Once again my point comes in. What if she instead of ripping of your head and making you lick it off the floor, she politely apologises for the accident. And what's more, she decides to stay and chat. You my friend just found out what would happen if things were looked at in a slightly better light, and you just got a really fine looking woman to go out with afterwards! Point made!