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Socrates is Not Forgotten


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I have long been a seeker of the universal truths. The universe itself is so vast and mysterious that we will never see or know it to the full extent. Some might ask why I take part in such a futile task. What is it that makes us want to know things? Inside us all burns the flame of wisdom. We all have it. The idea is to use it, which is the difference between phiolosophers and those who are not; though there are infinately more types of people in the world. I look up to those who share my need to know; Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. I could not be the person I am without others to influence me, which sounds like a good place to officialy start.

What is a person. A person was said to be nothing without the gods. For those who don't know this was first said in Homer's epic,"The Odyssey". Well, I just so happen only to dissagree with the gods part of it. Unless you have proof that Athena helped you find that twenty dollar bill. People are nothing, this much I see. We are just monkeys that can build stuff. This is not to say I do not have compassion for others, I do so very much. But back to the subject.

The subject...