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A person is essentially a composite of those that they come into contact with in their life.

Let us say that you or anyone is walking down the road. As you proceed to the destination, a man wearing a red coat bumps into you and knocks you right on your... rear (hehe, what were you expecting). The next time you're walking with a friend, you watch out for red things, perhaps without noticing it, but you do.

Or we could choose an other situation. This time it will be a bigger influence.Perhaps your parents have always been strict. All your life you were raised strictly too. Now, wheather or not you decide to stay strict is not the issue. I figured that the first thing you'd think was,"What if I am not going to be that strict when I get older?" The answer is one that may not be apperant but none-the-less is there. You will most likely continue with the values of the of your strict parents. I most certainly applaude you if you change. There are very few people who can change from how their parents taught them. This shows that a person learns and grows.

Now I bet you're saying, "So, You think I'm not my own person, huh?" Not in the least. The best part about this idea is the you are not wholly the other people, you see. We take what we get from them and use it in our own mutational compsite. This is why we are all the same yet infinately different and so very unique. Ah, it all becomes so much clearer,(I hope!).

My math teacher has a day by day calandar the offers little bits of advice if you want to call it that. As I was sitting in math class just the other day and heard the following:

"If you tell me, I will forget. If you show me, I will remember. If I experiance, I will understand.".

For instance, you all will forget you read all this in about an hour. If I went out to show you the person being knocked on their rear, you would remember it. But what do you tink would happen if that man hit you? You might be surprised at the outcome. Perhaps you said that she was just paranoied. But who's paranoid now?

No sooner had I made the offer, than did an incredible person I have the pleasure of knowing, send me this.

"People will forget how you acted towards them. People will forget how you spoke to them. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

Well, I must say, this is quite the pearl of wisdom.

If I asked you right now, how many people have said something behind your back, what would you say? 10, 4, 7, maybe more. How many people have been total... jerks to you? You might not be able to tell me all of the details, but there has been a time for each. Perhaps exactly what was said or done you can't really recall. But I promise that if I asked how you felt at the time or after they did or said what they did you could give me a book of emtion.

How about the time you met your first love? What exactly did he or she say? I am willing to bet the best you can do is give me an idea of what was said. What was it that knocked your heart into perverbial overdrive? You kinda, sorta, don't quite remember do you. But how you felt when you fell in love for the first time, will remain with you for a lifetime. If not, I thuroughly beg to differ.