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If a man hasn't discovered somting he will die for, he isn't fit to live."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What is a man without belifes? Can you go through life just accepting things? A man is a hard thing to describe, so I wont try. But I can say what does not make a man. If you can't think for yourself, why live. People stomp on those who let them. I can't help but think that people reading this thing that I am so full of crap that it makes them sick, but I couldn't care less. I relate myself to everything I put up because I belive in it.

I would die for my freedom. I would die for the freedom of others. I would die for my religion. I would die to save the life of a friend. I feel comfortable saying that. If you dont like it, call me out. My e-mail is on my home page. I will explain the best I can why I say this. Every person has freedom. We get it by birth. I value mine. I can't even stand to hear about it being taken away from others. Something I love and hold so dear, that they can't have. No person can tell you that you are not free. This webpage is a very rudementary but excellent example.

The one I feel so strongly for that I cry just thinking about it, is my friends. I would put myself in the worst kind of danger to save them. I would die so that they don't have to. I could never live with myself if I could've done something to save them. I would slip into a whole new world to save a life. I wouldn't even think twice. My friends are the most sacred things I have. I will never let anything harm them if I have anything to do with it.

What would you die for?

Regrets are far worse than the consequences of any noble action.
Chris Kirby

I sit here and think of the things I have done in myl ife and how I would be had I not. I also sit with the best of my friends, Rob, who stands with me on this subject. Regrets will sooner kill a man than they will bring him consolation. Think of a life altering action that you have taken. Now think of how your life would be had you not. We agree that the worst thing is having to look back and say you could have or should have. I can relate it to the poem, "Apollo and I" that I wrote. I wrote it for a young lady I know. Ever since I wrote it, I wondered what she would say if I told her that this was her image this was written in. I thought for a long time. I thought that it would be worse to think that I missed out on a great thing than it would be to have her totaly misunderstand me.

You all no doubt know what happens when when you shake a pop up for an hour or so. Generally speaking, it explodes when opened. So who's tho say that the same doesn't go for emotion. If you sit and bottle up you thoughts so to speak, it has to come out at one point or another. So when it does, what will happen?