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Philosophy Home

Next up on my list of quotes is one from my favorite of all thinkers, Socrates.

"I cannot teach anyone, I can only make them think

Boy he had it right. Perhaps you would like me to continue my trend of discussion. I will. All of you reading this page I would assume are intelligent people who enjoy the thinking evoked from this page. I would not expect a single one of you to learn a thing. I do expect you all to leave with a thought on your mind that just commands your attention.

So you think about what I have said. Only after the thinking do you begin to learn. What good is a geometry class if you don't think the algorithms through and understand for yourself. I say from experience, it aint worth crap! If you copy homework answers you still flunk the test. If you understand the answers then you will ace it. The whole point of this quote in essance is, "Thinking leads to understanding, which leads to learning".

Next and making his firt appearance on the Philosophy page is one of the greats. Albert Einstine.

"Peace can only be achieved through understanding."

I have watched the news before and been appalled. What more can say. a man pulls a gun on another and within a second one is dead and the other is long gone. What is it we think we are doing here!? Somebody fill me in, cause I cant remember the last time I fought with my friend Rob, he shot me in the foot, and I all of a sudden saw his point in the conflict! No person ever wins an argument through a violent action. Then you say, "What about the wars we've won?" Why don't you ask all those who were wounded or crippled how they thought that big ol' party in Europe was. By the way, we still have uneasieness with Russia just from a war fought without guns. Imagine how much Iraq hates us. Think about how much your grandfather still has a thing against Germans. (No offense to Germans by any means!)

I'll use an example of my best friend Rob and I. We have had times when we just were so pissed you can't imagine it. Not once did I ever hit him. He never hit me either, neither of us made use of weaponry of any type. Yet, somehow we are still great friends till the bitter end. I don't ever wish that when he said, "DUDE, you're wrong" that I had hit him, stabbed him, or what have you.

This just proves that things don't need to end in the endless shrieks and screams of horror. They need not end in mothers crying. The end of the story is not a man pleading for life in the face of a lynching of any variety (choose one: racial, religious, sexuality. Like it matters anyway!) I am not asking that you try to end all wars or be a vigilante. Just show the love burried in each human for each of his brothers, no matter who they are, what they look like or whatever insane reason for hating another you can imagine.