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Socrates is Not Forgotten

I have long been a seeker of the universal truths. The universe itself is so vast and mysterious that we will never see or know it to the full extent. Some might ask why I take part in such a futile task. What is it that makes us want to know things? Inside us all burns the flame of wisdom. We all have it. The idea is to use it, which is the difference between phiolosophers and those who are not; though there are infinately more types of people in the world. I look up to those who share my need to know; Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. I could not be the person I am without others to influence me, which sounds like a good place to officialy start.

What is a person. A person was said to be nothing without the gods. For those who don't know this was first said in Homer's epic,"The Odyssey". Well, I just so happen only to dissagree with the gods part of it. Unless you have proof that Athena helped you find that twenty dollar bill. People are nothing, this much I see. We are just monkeys that can build stuff. This is not to say I do not have compassion for others, I do so very much. Back to the subject though.

A person is essentially a composite of those that they come into contact with in their life.

Let us say that you or anyone is walking down the road. As you proceed to the destination, a man wearing a red coat bumps into you and knocks you right on your... rear (hehe, what were you expecting). The next time you're walking with a friend, you watch out for red things, perhaps without noticing it, but you do.

Or we could choose an other situation. This time it will be a bigger influence.Perhaps your parents have always been strict. All your life you were raised strictly too. Now, wheather or not you decide to stay strict is not the issue. I figured that the first thing you'd think was,"What if I am not going to be that strict when I get older?" The answer is one that may not be apperant but none-the-less is there. You will most likely continue with the values of the of your strict parents. I most certainly applaude you if you change. There are very few people who can change from how their parents taught them. This shows that a person learns and grows.

Now I bet you're saying, "So, You think I'm not my own person, huh?" Not in the least. The best part about this idea is the you are not wholly the other people, you see. We take what we get from them and use it in our own mutational compsite. This is why we are all the same yet infinately different and so very unique. Ah, it all becomes so much clearer,(I hope!).

My math teacher has a day by day calandar the offers little bits of advice if you want to call it that. As I was sitting in math class just the other day and heard the following:

"If you tell me, I will forget. If you show me, I will remember. If I experiance, I will understand.".

For instance, you all will forget you read all this in about an hour. If I went out to show you the person being knocked on their rear, you would remember it. But what do you tink would happen if that man hit you? You might be surprised at the outcome. Perhaps you said that she was just paranoied. But who's paranoid now?

No sooner had I made the offer, than did an incredible person I have the pleasure of knowing, send me this.

"People will forget how you acted towards them. People will forget how you spoke to them. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

Well, I must say, this is quite the pearl of wisdom.

If I asked you right now, how many people have said something behind your back, what would you say? 10, 4, 7, maybe more. How many people have been total... jerks to you? You might not be able to tell me all of the details, but there has been a time for each. Perhaps exactly what was said or done you can't really recall. But I promise that if I asked how you felt at the time or after they did or said what they did you could give me a book of emtion.

How about the time you met your first love? What exactly did he or she say? I am willing to bet the best you can do is give me an idea of what was said. What was it that knocked your heart into perverbial overdrive? You kinda, sorta, don't quite remember do you. But how you felt when you fell in love for the first time, will remain with you for a lifetime. If not, I thuroughly beg to differ.

Next up on my list of quotes is one from my favorite of all thinkers, Socrates.

"I cannot teach anyone, I can only make them think

Boy he had it right. Perhaps you would like me to continue my trend of discussion. I will. All of you reading this page I would assume are intelligent people who enjoy the thinking evoked from this page. I would not expect a single one of you to learn a thing. I do expect you all to leave with a thought on your mind that just commands your attention.

So you think about what I have said. Only after the thinking do you begin to learn. What good is a geometry class if you don't think the algorithms through and understand for yourself. I say from experience, it aint worth crap! If you copy homework answers you still flunk the test. If you understand the answers then you will ace it. The whole point of this quote in essance is, "Thinking leads to understanding, which leads to learning".

Next and making his firt appearance on the Philosophy page is one of the greats. Albert Einstine.

"Peace can only be achieved through understanding."

I have watched the news before and been appalled. What more can say. a man pulls a gun on another and within a second one is dead and the other is long gone. What is it we think we are doing here!? Somebody fill me in, cause I cant remember the last time I fought with my friend Rob, he shot me in the foot, and I all of a sudden saw his point in the conflict! No person ever wins an argument through a violent action. Then you say, "What about the wars we've won?" Why don't you ask all those who were wounded or crippled how they thought that big ol' party in Europe was. By the way, we still have uneasieness with Russia just from a war fought without guns. Imagine how much Iraq hates us. Think about how much your grandfather still has a thing against Germans. (No offense to Germans by any means!)

I'll use an example of my best friend Rob and I. We have had times when we just were so pissed you can't imagine it. Not once did I ever hit him. He never hit me either, neither of us made use of weaponry of any type. Yet, somehow we are still great friends till the bitter end. I don't ever wish that when he said, "DUDE, you're wrong" that I had hit him, stabbed him, or what have you.

This just proves that things don't need to end in the endless shrieks and screams of horror. They need not end in mothers crying. The end of the story is not a man pleading for life in the face of a lynching of any variety (choose one: racial, religious, sexuality. Like it matters anyway!) I am not asking that you try to end all wars or be a vigilante. Just show the love burried in each human for each of his brothers, no matter who they are, what they look like or whatever insane reason for hating another you can imagine.

If a man hasn't discovered somting he will die for, he isn't fit to live."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What is a man without belifes? Can you go through life just accepting things? A man is a hard thing to describe, so I wont try. But I can say what does not make a man. If you can't think for yourself, why live. People stomp on those who let them. I can't help but think that people reading this thing that I am so full of crap that it makes them sick, but I couldn't care less. I relate myself to everything I put up because I belive in it.

I would die for my freedom. I would die for the freedom of others. I would die for my religion. I would die to save the life of a friend. I feel comfortable saying that. If you dont like it, call me out. My e-mail is on my home page. I will explain the best I can why I say this. Every person has freedom. We get it by birth. I value mine. I can't even stand to hear about it being taken away from others. Something I love and hold so dear, that they can't have. No person can tell you that you are not free. This webpage is a very rudementary but excellent example.

The one I feel so strongly for that I cry just thinking about it, is my friends. I would put myself in the worst kind of danger to save them. I would die so that they don't have to. I could never live with myself if I could've done something to save them. I would slip into a whole new world to save a life. I wouldn't even think twice. My friends are the most sacred things I have. I will never let anything harm them if I have anything to do with it.

What would you die for?

Regrets are far worse than the consequences of any noble action.
Chris Kirby

I sit here and think of the things I have done in myl ife and how I would be had I not. I also sit with the best of my friends, Rob, who stands with me on this subject. Regrets will sooner kill a man than they will bring him consolation. Think of a life altering action that you have taken. Now think of how your life would be had you not. We agree that the worst thing is having to look back and say you could have or should have. I can relate it to the poem, "Apollo and I" that I wrote. I wrote it for a young lady I know. Ever since I wrote it, I wondered what she would say if I told her that this was her image this was written in. I thought for a long time. I thought that it would be worse to think that I missed out on a great thing than it would be to have her totaly misunderstand me.

You all no doubt know what happens when when you shake a pop up for an hour or so. Generally speaking, it explodes when opened. So who's tho say that the same doesn't go for emotion. If you sit and bottle up you thoughts so to speak, it has to come out at one point or another. So when it does, what will happen?

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. ~ Charles Swindoll

Its been a long time since we all sit down for a sweet little talking to, but hey here we go. I like this quote. It plays from the age old question of weather or not we are pessimists or optimists. Well, which are you? Not that it matters now, but later it might. You see, the thing is this.

What if, one day, your girlfriend or boyfriend of years breaks up with you? Most people would freak out. I probably would to. Some would get depressed and secluded and just plain fade out until things get better. But there is an alternative to all this. One could look at it in a different light. This chain of events could lead to a new and more reasonable person. Then how would you fell. Everone would feel great. YAY!

Just think, none of this would be happening if you locked yourself in a closet for a month. If you looked at it in a very rational way, chances are you would go to the big game friday with a friend. BUt it just so happens that when you are getting a tripple chilli dog with the works and a cardiologist on the side, a beautifull young female with the same thing bumps into you. Who's to say where it goes from there. But, look! Once again my point comes in. What if she instead of ripping of your head and making you lick it off the floor, she politely apologises for the accident. And what's more, she decides to stay and chat. You my friend just found out what would happen if things were looked at in a slightly better light, and you just got a really fine looking woman to go out with afterwards! Point made!