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Hey there,

I would like to take this time to welcome you all to the greatest place in the world, the place where anything goes and does so quite often, to a magical place full of wonder. You guessed it people, welcome to,

Chiba World!

I would also like to let you all know what our mission statement is. Our faculty strives to make this world infinitely better than the one we all know. Much like a paralell universe, but not a paralell universe. But one way or the other, we try and often fail, but try nonetheless. Sometimes we do stuff, sometimes we don't. Most of the we just play cards around the pop machine (water coolers are to yuppie for us)

We here at Chiba World are starting up this marvle of creativity with great pride, so we want to appologize in advance for things that suck. If you find any type of suckness, feel free to e-mail me to say,

"What the hell, dude!? You said this site would Rock!"

Just let us know how this place can rock even more than we can make it on our own. You should also visit the links we have up. These sites are sweet. They are the sites belonging to those who have helped our technologically ignorant selves make a web site of my own.
There is actually some stuff on this site right now that we hope you like. We have several pages up that will hopfully interest you. We do not do rambles though.

"Why", you ask.
"Cause they suck", We answer in eerie, toneless sync.

I think that got the point across. What We do is a page that is full of as much original humor as my partners in crime and I can give to you. We are still constructing this page at this time. Just the schtick will be included. And best of all, no stupid inside jokes. We know how much it sucks to read something and be so lost that you think that the writer was lost too. Think of it as user friendly humor, that doesn't suck!

Then there is the Philosophy page. Guess which link that is. This is our time to go over thoughts we've had and things we've learned. This page is our baby page because we have always been fascinated by anchient and modern Philosophers. Feel free to e-mail some of your pearls of wisdom and our philosophiser just might put them on the page. (no guarantees!) He had to include that so we don't get sued!

Then we have a satire page. If you can't tell what link that is we fear for all humanity, and you. We had this page installed so our Satire dude could have an out let for all the sarcasm he has. Each person needs an outlet, have fun reading this crazy dude's! It certainly wont suck!

There is a theme to this site, if you hadn't guessed yet. Say it with us now...

Stuff that doesn't suck!

Thus, the mission statement has been made unto you.

The Chiba Dude