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My Home...

Well ladies and gentlemen, perhaps you're wondering about me by now. Or perhaps you couldn't give a crap and you just hit the wrong link. Either way you're here so you might as well look around now. So I am here to indulge thy every wish and let you know a little about me (hmm...where have I heard this before?).

I am but a dude. That's right, a dude. Anyone who tells you that they aren't a dude is lying. Everyone is a dude, it's a state of mind. Not everyone remains a dude however. But for all intents and purposes I am a dude.

So, that little paragraph there should offer a little insight into that which is me right from the get. Welcome to my little slice of heaven. For those of you have met me in person, I wouldn't strike you as the kind of dude who'se terribly computer savvy. It would apear from this web site that I am none-the-less. I am attending the Eastern Michigan University and enjoying ever minte of it.

Since we're feeling observant, some of you may have noticed that there is a US Navy SEAL insignia at the top of this page. This is my planned career path for the entire rest of my capable being. I want more than anything else in the world to be a Navy SEAL. It comes from my deep and ever brooding hatred for all things that threaten my life and the lives of you all for generations to come. So without getting too far along with this perticular detail in my life, let's move on. If you really want to know more about this aspect, check out: SEALs & Kirby

I am also a Judoka. This means that I regularly subject myself to a notorious ass-beating in order that I might be able to deliver the same unto others. I train six days a week in the EMU Judo Club and love every minute of it. Nothing pleases me more than to have a group of friends who trust me and whom I trust to throw eachother around and laugh still. It's an insanely wonderful feeling. It's also something that will one day keep me alive when I am challenged on a mission as a SEAL. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the unfortunate soul who wants to go hand to hand with me.

I love it, and in fact I love it so much that I compete with others for the right to wear my Mohawk. It is a privilage, one I have to fight for every day, one I have to remind myself is there for the warriors of our land before Mr. Columbus and his tragicly miss-guided crew arrived here. I am part Mohawk and I am proud of that. I'm pretty sure that's where my desire to become a warrior comes from. I wear a Mohawk because it is distinctly a part of the Mohawk warrior culture. It's not something that's seven or eight inches high and several colors. It's my natural black hair and only about two inches long and three inches wide.

I dig expressing myself in every way I can dream up. I use art, music, piercings (only two), tattoos (only one), poetry, and the miracle of spoken word. To sit down and hold an intelligent conversation with someone or several people is awsome. It reassures me that there are people out there who would have stood a chance had natural selection not gone by the wayside. Few peoople realise what a gift it is that we can speak, see, hear, and feel the things that surround us. I do everything within my power to experience all of it to the fullest extent I can.

For those of you who may be thinking that with what I just said I am probably into drugs, you would be DEAD wrong. I don't drink or smoke either. I despise all that is evil and life-sucking that drug use embodies, and there are simply no two ways about it. I spent four years in High School devoted to anti-drug efforts and education of young dudes on the same. I plan on being a part of SEAL Team 4, Anti Narcotics in Central and South America. So you may want to think twice before asking me for a smoke or a drink. I like to be right to point if at all possible for those who do not have the time or anything to read all about me. So here is a picture of me that I could never have planned on taking, it's just that perfect. So look and know that everything about it embodies that which I hold dear. Enjoy, peace.