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So, by now you have gathered that I am fairly into the SEALs, having devoted an entire page to them. You would be correct. I love everything about SEALs and what they do. I want very much to be one, but it was not always this way as you will see.

Back in Junior High I was a little weiner, still am by and large in terms of body mass. However I was a little weiner that didn't know his ass from third base. I used to talk about how I hated the US and how I was totally against the military in general. I was the dude that would say not to trust the government. I said all of these things without having done any research at all on any of those topics. Basically, other people said it, and I said, "Sure, why not me too..."

Well, I made it through Junior high just fine with that head on my shoulders. I'm not proud of this, I'm just saying I survived. For those of you who have no open mind toward anything other than what you can see or touch or that has happened to you, you may want to just stop reading. From here it gets a little weird.

I had talked with a Marine recruiter who was an awsome dude. He told me about how I can get money for school and go into the Corps and do what I wanted to do. At this point I didn't yet know what I wanted to do. So I thought about it and let the thought of what it is soldiers do, which for those of you who don't know what that is exactly, you may want to look it up or ask someone. I wasnt even sure I wanted to go into the military, but the more I matured (over the course of the next year or so) I started liking it more and more.

Well, one night I had a really strange dream and I didn't know what to make of it. I was at one grandfather's house, who was in the Army Air Corps in WWII and I saw a vision (he's been daed for several years) of my other grandfather who was in the Army as a tank commander also in WWII. All I remember is him looking at me and asking where my "Dress Blues" were. I had no idea how to respond. I woke up from this with a feeling that I had just been tapped to duty. I sat and thought about what it was that my grandfathers fought for, what it was that they were thinking of and how I felt about it. I decided that I really was passionate about fighting for our country and to make sure we're all ok. They fought so that we could be safe for all our lives, and I'm going to fight to make sure it stays that way.

So that's my motivation for going into the military in general. My motivation for the SEALs is the same with a few minor adjustments. I thought about being an infantryman. That just didnt do it for me. I don't mean to belittle those fine brave warriors, but I need to do something where it involves more than, "Shoot that way and dont miss!" I need to know that what I am doing right this very moment will make waves in the enemy's very heart of operations.

Well, the only way I see of getting this done is through Special Warfare. I have watched all the documentaries on SEALs and own a few of them myself and know that that is the way to go. The go into other peoples countries and make the night sky explode in shrapnel. Unfortunately for the enemy, by the time they explosives go off, the SEALs are miles offshore pointing and laughing. The VC were so terrified of them that they refused to believe they were human. They were believed to be demons called, "The men with green faces."

Now I ask you, if men can be considered demons, wouldn't you agree that they did their job? Of course you would. they did it and they did it better than anyone else in the world. The SEALs are the BEST! There is no-one else in the world that can compete. The ratio of SEALs to enemies is often greater than twenty to one and they still dessimate the enemy. That is why I want to be a part of what they do. More acurately, I want to fight the war on drugs via the SEALs. The druglords in Columbia will learn to fear the day I set foot in their country. I swear ever day of my life that there will be a distinct decline in drug importation when I make it to SEAL Team 4.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why I want to be a US Navy SEAL!