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Years Overdue

I dream of being there
For you
My mind
Always with you
Distressing every tear you shed

I would trek to see you
Even if for
Sweet instance

I dreamt that
I saw you
held you
Made sure you
Were safe

I want to embrace you
With the most impenetrable

I would provide warmth
Calming your soul

I want to teach you
To dance once more
Compel you to sing
Return your favor

I would grasp your hand
We would glide
Across the ballroom of our future
Carol the emotions of a heart
That longs no more
For it has
found you
I want to introduce you
To a storybook romanticism
Present you with flowers
From the
Gardens of Paradise

I would escort you
To the top of an
Emerald wooded mountain
Where we could share the setting sun
Over the greatest of lakes

I love you
And I wish to be a part of
Your life
Help reclaim
stolen years
Coaxing a smile from
Your lovely face

Allow me to be the light in your life
To reacquaint you
With ecstasy

Chris Kirby
11:31 PM
Monday, March 24, 2003